words of two thousand fifteen

words of two thousand fifteen | momentstolivefor.com

Scrambled eggs. Parties. Engagement. Fireworks. Traveling. Coffee with a little bit of milk. No gluten. No sugar. No milk. Tomatoes. Bacon, lots of bacon. Sweet potatoes, my new favorite. Beef and vegetables. Less fish. Anxiety attacks. Organization. Planning. Panic. Afraid. Weight gain. Weight loss. Back to normal. No motivation. Grey. Hormones. Thyroid hypofunction. Hashimoto thyreoditis. Blood tests. Paper flowers. Dancing. Too emotional. No emotions. Lerning. Growing. Changing work situation. Reading, book after book, blogs, magazines. Simplify. Zero waste attempts. Wedding dress. Location, location, location. Fear. Guest list. Insecurity. Creativity. Knitting. Crocheting. Cooking. Paleo food. New car. Weddings. Vacation with friends. The right questions. Doctors. No information. Blogging again. Photo contests. Internship. Movie cutting. Photo walks. Good times with godchildren, Funny evenings with friends. Gifts. A more simple life. iMac. Project Life. Tidy. Stress. Hot summer. Warm winter. No Christmas mood. Sad, negative colleagues. Overwhelmed. Overload. Thousands of photos. Too much. Seven scarves. The sea. Hot spiced wine. Photo sorting evenings. Tears. Grüne Woche. Schnapps. Netflix. Play station games. Game night. Quiet, not so much. Hamlet. Questions. Pressure. Birthday parties. Calendar. Less is more. Cleaning. Bad sleep. Cough. New pictures on the wall. Instagram. Black, white, gold. All the colors, again. Bad start. Big events. Lots of events. Journaling. Less art journaling, more writing. No time. Nuts. Tea attempt failed. Seven minutes. Weight watchers. Be open. Share. Almost black nail polish. Progress. Patience. Change.