a real fun vacation

Yay, it was such a fun vacation in Denmark last week. We were 20 people – mostly families with kids between 8 and 14 years. And most of us didn’t know each other before, but we got along so very well, that we already plan the next vacation in two years.

We lived on a big farm near Odense and were on tour every day – we visited the zoo of Odense, took a walk on the North coast of Fuenen, Odense, Nyborg and naturally Kopenhagen. If you ever get the chance to visit Kopenhagen, do it. It is such a beautiful city. Never seen a city so alive and young. It’s definitely one of my favorite capital cities in Europe.

following the cows
beach on the North coast of Fuenen
the little mermaid
Escpecially the zoo of Odense was worth a visit. You have close encounters with all animals, you can even stroke tapirs and reindeers. In the penguin building you are standing so close to them, that you can actually count their feathers. And manatees give you a kiss at the pane.
you can count every feather on the penguin
close to the fish

But the most fun we had playing games in the evenings. Billiard, tabletop soccer, ping-pong, card games and parlor games till it was late, very late. We tried a whole lot of new parlor and card games. Now we have some ideas for Christmas presents 🙂
evening with playing games

And then there were the photoshoots. Did I mention that I love to shoot jumping people? That’s how I look, when I take these photos. 😉
photoshooting jumping kids
jump photoshoot - kids
jump photoshoot - grown-ups
It was so much fun to take these pictures on the beach. First the kids, then the grown-ups and finally every single family… jumped and jumped and jumped. And we did a lot of other fun photoshoots too, for example the falling leaves or a fall fight with one family. Really missed the whole group the next days. Especially the long, relaxed breakfast together every morning. Can’t wait for the Denmark revival meeting, where we will look at the photos together and remember this special week.
jumping on a trampoline
can't walk by a swing

I can’t walk by a swing 😉 Do you?

wish you all a good start into the new week